Vision and Values


Go-project exists to help people and organisations realise and fulfil their own missionary calling whether overland, overseas or over the road.

Although we are all called, many believers can find it difficult to actually go, or if they have gone, have become worn down, frustrated and discouraged. Often a desire and willingness to follow the call is frustrated by circumstances, a lack of confidence, support or just knowing how and what to do and who with. It is easy to become isolated, tired and in need of encouragement and building up. Go aims to help overcome these barriers.

  1. Go believes that to be called in Christ is to be called to play a part in fulfilling the great commission of all God's people, to go into all nations and make disciples, and that all disciples of Jesus are therefore commissioned.
  2. Go believes that, while each disciple may have a particular call to a place or group of people, that each one also needs to consider each part of the great commission, to go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Go will seek to reflect this holistic view of mission in its values and activities.
  3. Go believes that each disciple of Jesus is gifted and uniquely so to play their part in the great commission. Sometimes these gifts are not released or their potential fully realized or released. Go seeks to help remove barriers to seeing people's God-given potential fulfilled.
  4. Go does not wish to re-invent wheels needlessly, but rather aims to help those that exist turn more easily and effectively together.
  5. Go is committed to working in partnership with other like minded people and building partnerships amongst God's people to see His Kingdom come.
  6. Go believes that God has given and will give us the resources that we need to fulfill His call to us and that through prayerful, humble and generous co-operation we can make more effective use of these resources.
  7. Go believes that the gospel of Jesus Christ offers salvation for every part of the human condition and must be preached in word and deed, addressing spiritual, physical, emotional and relational needs, transforming individuals and communities alike.
  8. Go is an initiative to help and support the body of Christ, universal and local and individuals.
  9. Go understands it is only one small part of a very big movement but under God's grace will seek to play its part as best it can.

Go was initially founded by Carolyn McQuaker and Andy Aldridge having worked together for a number of years developing outreach in and amongst their local churches. Andy is not currently directly involved but much of his wisdom continues to shape and inspire Go Project's vision and activities.