Carer and Toddler Groups

Go has run a number of mini conferences for leaders of carer and toddler groups providing training and the opportunity to network and share ideas, problems and solutions and pray together. These proved very effective in envisioning and re-inspiring leaders as well as providing real practical advice and information.

Now this experience, along with that of others has been brought together in a fantastic free resource for church and group leaders.

Its aim is to help church leaders appreciate the full potential and implications of having a successful carer and toddler group as an integral part of a mission strategy and to help group leaders think through and achieve that potential.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Many of those running parent and toddler groups long to see their groups grow and the families become part of the church, but do not know where to start and have limited time and energy to take on new initiatives.

Building Blocks is an invaluable and free training resource designed to help toddler group leaders think through how to be a Christian toddler group, serving their community. It is a flexible resource for a small group or individuals to read and discuss together where to take their parent and toddler group. With a mix of background and practical ideas this will help you grow in confidence in sharing Christ in your toddler group.

Building Blocks was developed by The Carer And Toddler Strategy (CATS) consultative group which includes members of Christian organisations and practitioners from across different denominations, including Baptist Union of Great Britain, Fegans (Parent and Toddler Groups Together), Go Project, Scripture Union, and The Salvation Army.

Between them, the contributors have a vast array of knowledge, understanding and bright ideas for running and resourcing toddler groups. More importantly, they share an earnest desire to encourage, equip and support all those who are, or who plan to be, involved in leading such groups.

Building Blocks is a free resource to download. Please feel free to make as many copies as you like and pass it on. We only ask that you acknowledge where it came from and do not charge for it.

Building Blocks consists of a training resource (divided into 4 short sessions) and a collection of eight training extras for you to use to expand your knowledge and try out new ideas in the areas you want to explore further.

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